Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Was Not Expecting That

Hey guys! So it's been a hectic time lately. First we had to get ready to move and say goodbye to everyone, then we get to Japan and all Hell breaks loose. 

Keigan and I are just fine, we are on the far north end of the main island and our area had little damage and we're far away from the power plants having problems. We were without power for three days and are currently running on a generator in the hotel. Still trying to recover from this and finish moving in. 

We'll probably head out next week to help clean up one of the nearby towns.

Going to keep posting, but the schedule will be weird since I've gone to a different time zone and all the stuff going on, but I'll keep you all updated n_n

Also, I did get my hair cut -points to picture-. I think it's cute n_n

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  1. Woo, it's five am here, I just finished the paper route, and I was so excited to see one of your comics. :)
    -From Cody