Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are You Wiccan?

Based on conversations I've actually had with people. I once had a thirty minute religious debate with a Mormon boy who was trying to convert me. His closing statement was "You should go to Wal-Mart and buy a Bible and read it."
I like having religious conversations with people, but when they're closed-minded and keep calling me evil, it gets kind of old.

Also, Hey! I'm playing with art styles again!


  1. I lol'd at this. Its pretty amusing how closed minded people can be.

    I like the new art style btw.

    Craig J.

  2. I'm loving the change to your art style, Mizz Fangs! You should keep it around, you are doing so great! I'm happy for you.


  3. So enjoy your art----, years ago I got cornered by a guy who wanted to convert me to the "true religion" I told him I was content and happy in my faith and I never discussed religion ever. Then I told him of a hymn we sang in sunday school "You go to you church and I'll go to mine--but lets walk this oath together." Never bothered me again

  4. I heard something interesting recently that the non-Christian based faith folks have a broader knowledge of ALL religions and a BETTER knowledge of Christian faith than the Christians! Nothing wrong with being open-minded...and nothing wrong with EVERYONE researching all the faith options so you know what you're talking about :)

    ~Mum :)

  5. Given the corporate philosophy of WalMart since Sam Walton let loose control many years before his death, them selling Bibles is about as hypocritical as a massage parlor doing marriage counseling.